1st Annual Pumpkin Patch Festival 
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About Us 
We are Joe and Karen Wince, the owners of JK Orchard & Farm. 

The 9 acre farm has been in Karen's family for over 65 years and farmed by her great grandfather and grandfather. In addition to the field is an apple orchard that her great grandfather planted in 1952. Due to neglect and old age only 2 of the original apple trees remain on the 2 acre orchard.  We have spent the last 5 years planting new apple, pears, peach and cherry trees to restore the orchard to it's former glory. Little did we know our passion to restore the land would turn into a full blown farming operation. 

The farm started from a conversation we had one summer night in 2015. We thought how cool would it be to start a Christmas Tree farm and make a whole Christmas experience for people seeing how much we love Christmas. Realizing Christmas Trees take 7 years to mature we thought what could we do with the land while we waited on the trees to grow.  Our solution...lets grow strawberries and pumpkins! 

So, in the Spring of 2016 we started our adventure of planting 8000 strawberries, 100 pumpkin plants and 225 Christmas trees. We continue to add more Christmas trees each year and increase our pumpkin patch. We are excited to offer Lima a place to get fresh local produce as well as create a place for families to make memories together as we intend to turn the farm into a You Pick Farm by 2019.  

We hope you enjoy the fruits of our labor (pun intended) and want to thank you for supporting your local farmers by buying local produce. 

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Contact Us 
1345 Lutz Rd. Lima, OH 45801 
Phone: (419) 604-4145

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1st Annual Pumpkin Patch Festival