2022 Pumpkin Patch Festival

We have been getting a lot of questions regarding our Annual Pumpkin Patch Festival. Most of those questions have been centered around if we will be having it again this year.

The answer is, no.

While there are several reasons why we decided to stop putting on the Pumpkin Patch Festival the biggest reason is that it no longer fits with where we envision the farm going.

As you know our main vision for the farm is to create a space for our guests to slow down and reconnect with themselves through nature.

The hurried hustle and bustle of the pumpkin patch festival doesn’t allow for that peaceful pace for our guests or for ourselves.

The pumpkin patch festival would come on the heels of an already long season for Joe and I, as our season starts in February.

By the time September rolls around we are burnt out and running on fumes.

What was once an enjoyable event turned into added stress and exhaustion.  

After last year we knew it was time to pull back and let some things go.

Will we ever offer the Pumpkin Patch Festival again?

I don’t know… maybe.

Or maybe a different kind of pumpkin experience but definitely for this season in our lives and for the farm it is a no for right now.

Don’t worry though we will be open for our flower fields in September and have some fall inspired treats to tantalize your taste buds.

However, the goal of the flower field experience is not to entertain or distract you but to get you to slow down and appreciate the present moment immersed in a field of beautiful flowers.

If that sounds like your kind of afternoon, then we look forward to seeing you in a couple weeks.

If that sounds painfully boring to you then we will see you in May for strawberries. 

Thank you to everyone who came out every year to support us. We look forward to seeing you for the flower fields. 

Grown w/ Love, 

 Joe & Karen 

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